Multiplication math game

  • Game to review the multiplication tables.
  • To practice multiplication tables in a much more fun way.
  • The child will improve at his pace but with consistent results.
  • If a question is failed, the program asks the same question again and does not go to the next one until the previous one is well established and that knowledge has been absorbed.
  • The scoring system will make the child feel successful as he surpasses each new record.
  • Generates the challenge to try again to beat the record in the next game.
  • Growing challenge. In each level the difficulty is increased.
  • Possibility of starting from the chosen level (table).
  • The first levels are equivalent to their corresponding table. For example: Level 2 shows only multiplication with the multiplicand 2 (2 x 1, 2 x 2 …)
  • No internet connection required.
  • No user data is collected.
  • Whithout ads.


The game consists of reaching the top of the level, jumping from platform to platform and collecting multiplications to earn points. Some platforms, those in the form of a cloud, will ask for a multiplication and you must answer correctly in order to continue.